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A flipbook is a pocket-sized book with a series of picture pages. When the pages are rapidly flipped, the pictures come to life animating your short video clip that was recorded.

808 Flipbooks is perfect for any event as we guarantee fun and entertainment for everyone young and young at heart. Our affordable rates and add-on services allows you to customize the package that is most suitable for your event and budget

The minimum area is an 8′ x 8′ square. We really appreciate having 10′ x 10′ square area.

All we require is access to a standard electrical outlet, and two linen-covered, six or eight foot long tables.

You decide, it can be 1 person, or 10 people. We most often shoot two to four people at a time.

808 Flipbooks can easily generate 50 flipbooks per hour. However, the guests experience drives the timing, as it would depend on how many takes and retakes each guest or group needs until they are satisfied with their seven second video clip.

Absolutely! We want everyone to get a flipbook.

Unlimited number of flipbooks with all packages

Have a question? Drop us a line!

Have a question? Drop us a line!

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