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Are you looking for entertainment and party favors for your next graduation party? Choose 808Flipbooks. We’ve been serving Oahu and the outer islands for the last 10 years. We are the most experienced and most trusted flipbook company in Hawaii. Each year we help graduating seniors celebrate their special moment with family and friends.

Graduates in Hawaii choose 808Flipbooks because we are the leader in the industry. We are always on the cutting edge of creativity and technology. Ask about our overlays, scrolling text, green screen, and backgrounds.

We take pride in giving your guests a quality flipbook that will last for years. Our talented staff love what they do, and it shows. If you are looking for flipbooks in Hawaii, 808Flipbooks is a MUST have for your next graduation party. 


About the 808 Flipbooks

Cielito and Jonathan started their companies as a way to raise money for special causes. They both have a history of working with children with disabilities and have been deeply touched by these extraordinary experiences. Cielito is a registered nurse and started her career working with medically fragile pediatrics. Jonathan was a special education elementary school teacher. The experiences of working with children with special needs make Jonathan and Cielito realize how small milestones are big leaps for special children. Each year Jonathan and Cielito work with local children’s charities as a way to bring joy to families in Hawaii.

How does 808Flipbooks Work?

This memorable keepsake takes only minutes to create. 808Flipbooks sets the stage with our mobile studio equipment and screen. We also bring the lights and the camera, while you and your guests provide the action! Guests get to star in their own motion picture and view their movie over and over again by simply flipping through the pages. Everyone will love their customized party favors!

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